Great Job, Thank you

"Patricia is a high skilled practitioner therapist, and she very profesionally combines all counselling and faster eft techniques knowing how to create a safe suportive space for the client to be ready to open up for the process of change and transformation of life.
Great Job
Thank you"


Alcohol free for 12 Months

"Patricia came into my life in the role of addiction counsellor. This was a new role for Patricia and also involved relocating to Portugal. We bonded straight away, who wouldn’t ? If you look at Patricia’s photo whilst reading this you will become to know Patricia even before you meet her in person. Patricia listens and questions and challenges you. Patricia is always learning even as she gives of herself.  I didn’t have particularly low self esteem but Patricia kept telling me and reminding me that ‘I am worth it’. We were both new to the AA 12 steps but it was easy for us both to see the purpose of the steps and so it was that Patricia was able to stretch me to get the most out of the process. For example; Patricia offered me alternative ways of viewing my resentments some of which were very helpful whilst some were very interesting but not for me. Patricia believes everything is connected (or happens for a purpose); that certainly applied to Patricia coming into my life.

Every evening Patricia wrote a thought for the day on a plain brown cardboard luggage tag, attached some wild flowers and placed it on my pillow. I still have them all.

One day Patricia drove me and Rafaele to hospital. The private hospital’s x-ray dept was closed so we had to go to the general hospital. I was eventually seen by the wrong specialist. Patricia went out driving to get some food. There were plenty of sandwiches for me and Rafaele because it turned out that they all had fillings which Patricia didn’t like. I eventually had the x-rays and saw a specialist. We got back to the rehab centre at 1 am some 12 hours after setting out. I had endured a significant amount of pain in my wrist and foot but Patricia and Rafaele turned this long drawn out affair into my fun weekly outing, really!

Another connection; Patricia and I were both known by our middle name to family and at the age of 11 we both started to use our first name with all new people and institutions.

Patricia was a very big part of my daily life in Portugal for over seven weeks. We keep in touch and I have now been free of alcohol for 1 whole year"

Peter and Angie

Thank you...

"My name is Kowie Swart. I am from South Africa. I attended a level 3 Fastereft/Eutaptics course in Greece in October 2018. One day we had to listen to the screaming voice of a man who had an ab-reaction. I am a trauma nurse and I was not affected at all. This was my normal.
The next day I realised that something shifted and I was triggered. We had to do swaps between students and my normal broke. I was very emotional. Patricia was present and they started working on me. This emergency session was so effective that the next day I could tell the story. It was so completely resolved that it felt as if it happened to someone else.Thank you so much. Job well done."

Kind, Friendly, Empathic

"First and most of all I want to thank you. I want to thank you for meeting at the level 1 seminar in Greece where I booked my first session with you. It was such an eyeopener .... it was so amazing. Completely unplanned I have had a huge flip of a memory while you tapped on me. It was a link - without me knowing- to a problem in my "real world" that was happening again and again in a different pair of shoes over the past 12 years..... Flipping that memory, that one picture in my head with your help was and is an ongoing relief.

You are awesome, you are kind, friendly, empathic, helping, calm and a very wise woman. You know what Feft/Eutaptics is all about and you can help people change their subconscious program to a better life, to a better present, to a better future, which benefits oneself after all. I am very grateful!"

I wish you all the best, love and peace and hope to see you at another Faster EFT/ Eutaptics seminar in the future.


Compassionate, patient and kind

"Patricia worked with me over 10 hours using faster EFT. I found her to be compassionate, patient and kind. She said that I would feel differently at the end of our sessions. I do feel less emotional attachment and less discomfort when recalling some painful experiences from my past. Patricia is clever. She has helped me. I am happy to recommend her."

All the best Patricia, you are a lovely person,

Let the negative go and the positive will come by itself

I had a first session with Carol (Patricia) – my first session. In this film I wanted to share my experience because it was wonderful. I would never forget it.

I had luck to be in one seminar participant and Carol (Patricia) was there, and at the exact moment in a break of the seminar I felt afraid and shaking, because I had to do something. I had to go and do something and I felt afraid that I would not do it right. I would get things wrong, so I start shaking.

This situation very often happened to me. Very, very often when I have to do something I start to build up in my mind that I will do it wrong. I will fail, so I start to shake and I try not to do it to protect myself from failure. So I catched Carol (Patricia) and I asked – “Please Carol help me because I have a problem. I am shaking, I am afraid to do something wrong”. I just put everything on Carol (Patricia) like that. ‘Help me please, I have this problem, I am shaking’, and she said ‘okay, okay – are anybody in your family shaking?’ I said ‘no, yes, my mother was shaking’ and she said “do you remember when she was shaking”? I said yes, and very, very suddenly in a second, Carol (Patricia) tapped into my childhood memory and very, very painful. Very painful.

I was remembering all my life, since it happened. So, very suddenly in a second I went back to this memory and it was my mother coming back from work. My parents generally were working very hard to have a good life for us. So, after work she went home every time and she was bringing with her shopping – food and different things for us, and the shopping was heavy, and when she entered the home – now I am talking about this and smiling and it’s really interesting because every single moment in my life telling this story, I was telling a lovely story because I feel guilty – I was crying. The first time I am telling and I am smiling.