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Choosing Our Own Success

January traditionally tends to be a time for ‘New Year Resolutions’.  Sometimes we are successful, often when we perceive we are unsuccessful we can feel like a failure with a good dose of guilt and shame thrown in.  How would it be if we decided to treat every day as a new beginning, and if we happened to trip up just pick ourselves up and carry on?

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Fighting or Inviting Change

An excerpt from this article:  ‘Life is like a river which twists and turns, and it is so much easier to go with the flow. It is when we go against the tide that life becomes more difficult. When we surrender to the unknown and release what we think we control, life is so much easier.’  

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Perfect in Our Imperfections

I am delighted to be writing articles once again from June 2020 until May 2021.  This time it is for the online  magazine called Sophia which is the sister publication of Sybil.  To check out articles from other contributors please follow this link.

Living through troubling times I always have the choice of whether to react, respond or do nothing.  That is some invaluable learning for me.  I can choose not to do what I always did.


Mind over Matter – The Matter of Choice

Mind over Matter – The Matter of Choice.

The time we are in right now has its challenges. How we choose to live is a matter of choice. All of the stress, worry, fears, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and so on, are choices which can be conquered. The alternative being that we are in control of all of our thoughts and emotions, feeling centred and focused. Every moment of every day we have choice. We can react or choose to respond. Reacting is easy – it is something we do habitually. If we choose to respond it takes practice; the rewards are enormous. Feeling good is a choice. When we learn to make good choices for ourselves we get out of what drags us down. Most of us don’t like to see others suffering – so why would we do it to ourselves?

Here is an exercise to help connect with the joy of being self -empowered:

Imagine that sitting on your knee is a loved one; It could be your younger self, your child, grandchild or someone close to you. They are scared of ‘something’. How would you soothe and calm them? Have an imaginary conversation with them, kissing and caressing them, notice what they say, how they look, notice tastes and smells – how do you feel, how do you imagine they feel? As this exercise progresses notice how they are calmer and calmer. Perhaps they start to smile or laugh. Now notice how you are feeling. You should have accessed that part of you that ‘knows’ in this moment that all is well right now.

Right now is all we ever have. Practice, practice, practice. You and your loved ones will thank you for it. Maybe it won’t get expressed verbally, just notice how your environment becomes calmer and happier and enjoy those ripples.

Peace, Health, Abundance & Prosperity to You.

Time to help ourselves

Self help.

We are living in strange times aren’t we? While writing this I was due to be on my way to London for my flight to Nashville. So much can change in a split second. An idea, excited plans made, anticipation, then plans changed ‘due to circumstances beyond my control’. Here I reach a ‘choice point’. Am I a victim or do I see the ‘gift’? Whatever happens about the flight will be taken care of. There are many millions of people in the same position as me and the mighty machine of travel agents and tour operators are working themselves ‘flat out’ to resolve issues I’m pretty certain.

My way of life is one of being away from media. TV ‘programmes’ including the ‘news’, news – ‘papers’, and social media are something I find myself distancing from, positive or good events don’t sell or captivate people that much (or do they)? You may be asking yourself how I know what is going on in the world? Other people tell me and also my own observations. Let’s take the example of shopping. To say it’s pretty unusual out there is an understatement. Christmas and Easter come to my mind. In those times our shops may close for a day. For weeks before there is some sort of frenzy going on. It was something I did too, back then. We are experiencing the same right now - only much, much worse. Panic buying, the fear of running out of something. What a great time to observe humankind. One local supermarket emailed to ask customers to only buy what they would normally, telling us that there would be enough for everyone. The result? Shelves looking more depleted day by day. I have been told about workers filming warehouses full of food and other ‘essentials’ and this being posted on social media for all to see, but it has little to no effect.

When we stop and really think about what is happening is there anything we can change? We can take the precautions advised. Nature will take its own course. Panic helps no-one. My own belief is that if we can all just remain calm everything will be fine. Most clients that come for sessions have an underlying worry or fear of ‘no control’. What is happening right now brings this up to the surface for us to deal with. If we stay in the ‘helpless/hopeless’ mode, then we will experience nothing which helps us; however, if we can recognise it as fear, that is the moment we take our power back and make changes.

Wanting to change comes first. What can you do for yourself? There are so many things. This time can be a real gift for your own healing journey if you want it to be. Many people have lost the ability to communicate. We are in an age of computers, games, social media – all of these have the potential to isolate us from others; but they can also do the opposite, giving us connection. Social interaction is certainly a possibility. Where visits are out of the question there is

always the phone for voice or video calling. Start looking for what is possible. Do some journaling, write (anything). When was the last time you read a book? Perhaps some home baking – experiment with recipes? De-clutter (very cathartic), decorate your home, sing, play music, dance, exercise, read, meditate, watch some comedy, colouring, play games, gardening, knitting, sewing, woodwork, metalwork, photography, start an online course – if money is an issue then many courses are free, all it takes is research. Let your artistic and creative side blossom and grow. Go for a walk, meet up with friends. What did you like to do as a child, that you enjoyed so much you lost all sense of time? If you dream of retirement – what is it specifically that you are looking forward to? What stops you dipping into it right now? These are just a few ideas – how many more can you come up with?

Catch yourself when you go into worrying thoughts and remind yourself by looking around that it is your mind taking you somewhere else. Look outside your window, look around you – is anything bad really happening where you are right now; chances are the answer is no. Reach out to someone. Talk or write to a friend, relative, neighbour. You will be surprised how much better you feel. Sometimes extra help is needed, in those cases seek professional help.

The stories we’ve been told about wartime and human spirit have often been uplifting. That spirit is still within us. Nothing is forever; nothing will ever stop or become stuck, life evolves and changes. Out of chaos comes something new and often better. Change can be uncomfortable, learn to go with it. Learn to just ‘be’ – in the moment you are in. Now is the time for us to find the generosity in our hearts and the gift of love to nurture ourselves and those around us to bring us through these ‘interesting’ times.

Abundance, Health and Prosperity to you all.