Patricia Morton has always had an enquiring mind and was never content with just taking in information or stagnating, she has a thirst for knowledge and how the mind works, what makes people do what they do and more importantly, how it can be changed.....

From childhood her journey had been full of highs and lows. She has gone through childhood trauma, relationship breakdowns, bereavements and cancer in her family. Despite all of this, she says that those experiences taught her so much.

Her initial counselling training was in a local residential rehabilitation centre for addictions where her real life training began!  Right from her initial interview until she finished working there, was a voyage of her own 'discovery'.

In January of 2017 she was privileged to work as part of a voluntarily team of practitioners at Habilitat, the top rehabilitation centre on the island of Hawaii.

Along the way Patricia has become a fully qualified  therapist incorporating different techniques such as Tapping and EMDR.

When looking back at everything she learned, she realises that she gets the chance to do what has been a mission, by helping you to create your own happiness and empowerment.

My Mission is helping you to create your own happiness and empowerment!

Let me know how I can help you!