Choosing Our Own Success

January traditionally tends to be a time for ‘New Year Resolutions’.  Sometimes we are successful, often when we perceive we are unsuccessful we can feel like a failure with a good dose of guilt and shame thrown in.  How would it be if we decided to treat every day as a new beginning, and if we happened to trip up just pick ourselves up and carry on?

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Fighting or Inviting Change

An excerpt from this article:  ‘Life is like a river which twists and turns, and it is so much easier to go with the flow. It is when we go against the tide that life becomes more difficult. When we surrender to the unknown and release what we think we control, life is so much easier.’  

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Perfect in Our Imperfections

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Living through troubling times I always have the choice of whether to react, respond or do nothing.  That is some invaluable learning for me.  I can choose not to do what I always did.