Mind over Matter – The Matter of Choice

Mind over Matter – The Matter of Choice.

The time we are in right now has its challenges. How we choose to live is a matter of choice. All of the stress, worry, fears, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and so on, are choices which can be conquered. The alternative being that we are in control of all of our thoughts and emotions, feeling centred and focused. Every moment of every day we have choice. We can react or choose to respond. Reacting is easy – it is something we do habitually. If we choose to respond it takes practice; the rewards are enormous. Feeling good is a choice. When we learn to make good choices for ourselves we get out of what drags us down. Most of us don’t like to see others suffering – so why would we do it to ourselves?

Here is an exercise to help connect with the joy of being self -empowered:

Imagine that sitting on your knee is a loved one; It could be your younger self, your child, grandchild or someone close to you. They are scared of ‘something’. How would you soothe and calm them? Have an imaginary conversation with them, kissing and caressing them, notice what they say, how they look, notice tastes and smells – how do you feel, how do you imagine they feel? As this exercise progresses notice how they are calmer and calmer. Perhaps they start to smile or laugh. Now notice how you are feeling. You should have accessed that part of you that ‘knows’ in this moment that all is well right now.

Right now is all we ever have. Practice, practice, practice. You and your loved ones will thank you for it. Maybe it won’t get expressed verbally, just notice how your environment becomes calmer and happier and enjoy those ripples.

Peace, Health, Abundance & Prosperity to You.