This feels like coming home

I'm just thinking about what I was going to say, follow up video, to the one previously. I have noticed that, and I think I may have said it in the first video but it, this feels like coming home.

Its interesting over the last few years watching the Habilitat videos, watching the rank table at the end where all the practitioners speak, seeing practitioners crying.

I now realize that I feel very, I don't know what I feel like actually, I want to go home I want to see my family but there's a big part of me that if somebody said, Carol you can stay here for another couple of months I would in a heartbeat.

So this place is different, it's just, they include us in as the family we're a big family and we have been honored and privileged for them to include us within the family and I feel that inclusion.

And as I've said in the past we've all made mistakes in our lives, it takes us down different routes, different choices we make, these people you feel the goodness in them, they are amazing they want to do the work, they want to change and within the changes

fear of change, you know stress and emotions.

Fear is one of the number one drivers to doing what we do and we all do different things, so for some of us its eating, spending, gambling, maybe sex, TV, books, going to the gym but for these people they've turned to substances and alcohol, drugs, hard drugs, violence, whatever it is but when we can clear away and change how they hold some of these memories you just see they’re normal people they’re like you and me, they have feelings, what they've done is learn to use the addiction to numb the feelings so that they don't feel.

I just feel so honored so privileged and so grateful to have been here part of the Habilitat family in 2017 January - February.

I will be back, I definitely will be back because it feels like coming home.

It's beautiful who wouldn't want to come back.

But I want to be here, it's not necessarily going out and doing the shopping and having the experience, the experience out there is good but the real experience is in here with people, real people like you and me, who just made the wrong choice and if we can help them, help ourselves first, help them, those ripples will go out through the pond and how amazing would it feel for them and their families when they go back home.

Yeah, that's all I got to say.

Thank you!