What I have learned…


Hi everyone this is Carol, this is my first video, my first ever video and I am here in Habilitat in Hawaii working with some other practitioners with the residents here.

Why I make this first video today is, because it’s really Interesting, what we find out about ourselves.

And one of the biggest things I discovered since I’ve been here is, I’ve made friends with a beautiful bird called Lilly and Lilly is a little bit, one of the residences calls her, bipolar.

So today for example we’ve had what I would call a snugly time, so three quarters of an hour on my knee and I have been allowed to pet her and I’ve been feeling really really good but as soon as she got on the arm she bit me.

Now the reason this is on making this video today is because when I came away and thought about what had happened.

I realized that actually my language, today I’ve been identifying things that have happened with me in the past and calling different people vicious.

So I’ve attracted vicious people into my life and what attracted or may have been in my life whatever it is, It’s interesting that the biggest nips I have had from this bird has been today when I’ve used the word vicious a few times and the bird has been vicious with me.

So I am using my skills as a Fastereft user on myself to let go of the viciousness that has been in my life because it’s no longer real. I am here right here right now, nothing in my life is vicious so this is just something I’ve got to let go and along with that it’s a challenge for me to make this video and I’ve decided, however it turns out this is what I’m going to post, this is real, this is raw, this is me and check out this beautiful island.

It is just amazing, this is for us in the UK, this is our winter and the air here is just so warm. It’s like a cool summers day, it’s so calm and peaceful. I know it’s windy but it’s a warm wind, it’s a trade wind and that also brings me onto something else.

Since I’ve been here, there’s been a song going through my mind and it’s Randy Crawford, The trade winds of our minds and I think what I am doing what I’ve done in the past few

years is learned how to calm those trade winds in my mind and if things are affecting me this is my choice I can choose another way, I can choose to just tap it out and let it go, because here and now this is my world, this is my reality and what a beautiful place to be in a trade wind, Hawaii 29th of January 2017 and this is me checking out from my very first video. Thank you for watching.