The blogging journey starts here…..

Each day is indeed a ‘new day’, and today is the first real blog on my website.  I also have a video interview which was done by a fellow practitioner posted on YouTube today – this is all totally different to the person I have presented to the world for many parts of my life.

All of this links with the theme of the interview – ‘trust’. Programmes from the past which kept me safe from perceived harm and vulnerability, which also prevented me from being seen and public, hence, in the world of business holding myself back.

As I go inside of myself more and more, checking out what is going on there I am amazed at how successful I am and at what I do.  We all do the same, but in our own deliciously magnificent and different ways – we are all such successful creators, and none of us are broken.  It is when we focus on or allow everything or everyone ‘out there’ to influence us we lose our power to be authentic.  The danger is that when we totally focus on the external life we can also lose ourselves.  This is what happened to me in the past.  I was so busy being a wife, mother, taxi driver for children, doing my job and helping others I didn’t have time for me.  Learning to give myself permission to just ‘be’ with myself and not escape into everything else took time and patience, persistence, self love and forgiveness.  If any of this resonates with you, give yourself permission right now to feel what you are feeling, see what you are seeing, hear everything around you, taste life, smell the roses and begin the journey back to you.

This is the interview that Kim Brown did with me – learn to be vulnerable and trust!