Compassionate, patient and kind

"Patricia worked with me over 10 hours using faster EFT. I found her to be compassionate, patient and kind. She said that I would feel differently at the end of our sessions. I do feel less emotional attachment and less discomfort when recalling some painful experiences from my past. Patricia is clever. She has helped me. I am happy to recommend her."

All the best Patricia, you are a lovely person,

Let the negative go and the positive will come by itself

I had a first session with Carol (Patricia) – my first session. In this film I wanted to share my experience because it was wonderful. I would never forget it.

I had luck to be in one seminar participant and Carol (Patricia) was there, and at the exact moment in a break of the seminar I felt afraid and shaking, because I had to do something. I had to go and do something and I felt afraid that I would not do it right. I would get things wrong, so I start shaking.

This situation very often happened to me. Very, very often when I have to do something I start to build up in my mind that I will do it wrong. I will fail, so I start to shake and I try not to do it to protect myself from failure. So I catched Carol (Patricia) and I asked – “Please Carol help me because I have a problem. I am shaking, I am afraid to do something wrong”. I just put everything on Carol (Patricia) like that. ‘Help me please, I have this problem, I am shaking’, and she said ‘okay, okay – are anybody in your family shaking?’ I said ‘no, yes, my mother was shaking’ and she said “do you remember when she was shaking”? I said yes, and very, very suddenly in a second, Carol (Patricia) tapped into my childhood memory and very, very painful. Very painful.

I was remembering all my life, since it happened. So, very suddenly in a second I went back to this memory and it was my mother coming back from work. My parents generally were working very hard to have a good life for us. So, after work she went home every time and she was bringing with her shopping – food and different things for us, and the shopping was heavy, and when she entered the home – now I am talking about this and smiling and it’s really interesting because every single moment in my life telling this story, I was telling a lovely story because I feel guilty – I was crying. The first time I am telling and I am smiling.



Update: My sister no longer has cancer as of August 2017.